Our Labs

The labs are open to all students and faculty whenever someone is in


The Clarkson Open Source Institute (SC 336) is a lab that promotes Open Source Software (OSS)

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The ITL (SC 334) is one of the few Internet Teaching Lab's in New York State. Classes are taught here and events such as the ACM preliminary programming contest are held here.

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VR Lab

The VR Lab focuses on research in Computer Games, Virtual Enviornments, and Computer Graphics.

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Want to learn more?

If you are interested in joining the labs, learning more, and/or working in the labs for course credit, feel free to stop by any time the lab is open to look around and talk with current students and faculty. You can also find more information about each lab in particular on the "The Labs" pages on this website or from each lab's individual website. You may also contact the lab advisors which are located on the "Contact" page of this website.

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Want to collaborate with the labs?

Are you and your team interested in collaborating with you or using lab resources in your project? We welcome you to reach out to our faculty advisor Jeanna Matthews (jnm@clarkson.edu). She will discuss your project with you and help you navigate the options for working with us. A typical process would include making plans to attend one of our weekly meetings (usually Wednesday evenings) to introduce yourself and describe your project. Dr. Matthews and the Lab Directors will help introduce you to lab members who may be able to help you with resources that might help your project. We ask that you come back periodically to report on the status of your project and when you are done give a presentation about the results of your work. We are an open community and ask that those benefiting from our lab resources and community also participate in sharing news of their work with lab members so that we can all grow together as a community. You are also welcome and encouraged to join our community, but periodic reporting works as well.