Clarkson University's ACM Chapter

The ACM is an organization to promote the intrest and improvement in computing machinery. Many of members that are in the labs often are also part of the local ACM chapter. Learn more at the chapter's Website

SUNY Potsdam ACM

The SUNY Potsdam ACM chapter is a fellow organization that promotes the pursuit of students who are interested in computing and technology through Computer Science. As of 2016, COSI and the Potsdam ACM have begun to collaborate in putting on events for the northern New York community. To learn More, visit


TARS, the Terascale All-sensing Research Studio is a organization focused on leveraging the understanding of large human interactions in online and real-world environments to perform research in computer vision, computer graphics, linguistics, human-computer interaction, and software engineering. The studio is co-directed by Dr. Sean Banerjee and Dr. Natasha Banerjee, professors in the Department of Computer Science at Clarkson University. For more information visit


Alumni from the applied CS Labs have worked at various companies such as AIS, Amazon, C-Speed, Google, IBM, VMWare, and many others.